My name is Karol. I am from Madrid and just moved back after living almost 6 years in Helsinki, Finland.
Graduated Bachelor of Media Engineering - Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

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Oh, and bare with me, I'm still working in my personal website. Hope you like it so far!

EXPERIENCE Some web-handcrafts

  • Exponet logo
  • Silta-klubi logo
  • Aue logo
  • Rosmariini logo
  • Metropolia logo


Exponet logo Exponet is a small company needed to update its website layout. One of the reasons being the accessability to update new content and have new functionality. A WordPress CMS was modified in order to give the client a user friendly administrator interface.
Currently, making responsive a JAVA software using BootstrapCSS. - working since June 2014 until present -


Silta-klubi logo Silta-klubi is a cultural center located in Helsinki. In this case, because of the structure of the organization, several mind-maps and meetings with the client took place before realizing it.
The needed functionality was adapted and developed in a WordPress CMS. In addition, usability tests were done in the administrator interface. Workers and volunteers were therefore ensured with the capabilities to maintain and update a complex website. - working from 2010 to May 2014 -


Aue-logo Aue foundation is a private foundation under Finnish law, which has the goal in Finland to foster knowledge of the culture of German-speaking area and its interaction with North Eastern Europe. The website of Aue-säätiö, located in Helsinki, Finland was transferred and re-designed to a responsive CMS WordPress. See the website about to be published Aue-säätiö


Rosmariini logo Rosmariini is a beauty salon which needed Internet presence. An static website was adapted from a template as well as redesigned in a great level. Used: HTML5, CSS3, JS. Setting up a domain acquisition. Luontaishoitola
- worked on as a freelance project -

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Research assistant at
Metropolia logo Done the work-placement in my university as a Research Assistant. A classmate and I were selected to do an interview after completing succesfully a course on Mobile Programming. Worked as a backend developer, on an Augmented Reality mobile application which stored live-feedback during class. The project was in collaboration with the Helsinki University.


HTML CSS JS js-jQuery js-nodejs js-AngularJS PHP MySQL phpMyAdmin
Website Development Web Applications Development Frontend Backend WordPress
Apache Github Content Management Systems Usability Augmented Reality Google Analytics
Photoshop Premiere InDesign
Digital Photography Filming

BLOGGING Check many more -> karolrodtor@tumblr

Intro to Polymer, first steps

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comment on: iDiots by BLR_VFX

Surely a great critique to the mobile device industry, shouldn’t take us away from trying the great tech ...

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Which mobile platforms do you develop for?

As a recent graduate I have been asking this question myself though in another direction: Which mobile platforms should I develop for?

Without of course finding a clear answer… though th...

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AngularJS impact

So, AngularJS is becoming the trend of the year -everywhere they are asking and presuming that you should have years of experience with Angular when it actually came out not that long ago.


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Justinmind making me think

Today I was cleaning programs which I don’t use. I doubted when it came to Justinmind, a prototype creator with great outcome and possibilities.

But, recalling the projects in which I have used it. I remembe...

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The start

I’ve been accumulating topics and think is time to start writing.

If you want to know me as a Media Engineer,
If you want to know me as a creative person,
If you like hearing some opinions on new t...

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PHOTOFOLIO a dear hobbie

These photographs are under CC license, so they are for free! Just give me credit, even if it's in the alt attribute or in small letters. I'd appreciate it.
So if you fancy one of these, without the watermark of course, just tweet or email me. (@karolrodtor || I do respond fairly quickly.

CONTACT Write me or tweet me! @karolrodtor

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